Dumindu industries were started by Mr Rohana in the year 2000 as a small business with 03 members, the business was focused on the areas of the Srilanka stationery industry especially with books.

Since the year 2000 during the last two decades, Dumindu industries have successfully passed through many milestones on their journey to success and at the moment they are actively participating to the Srilankan economy with 200+ direct and indirect employees and providing many people, a number of opportunities.

Dumindu was able to win the Srilanka stationary market especially with books with their highly competitive prices and quality products. our goal is to offer you high-quality products at affordable prices.

Dumindu is 100% Srilankan, Sinhalese owned company, which is a proud to the southern province of Srilanka today.

Successive Milestones of Dumindu

  • Started in the year 2000 with just 03 staff members.
  • During the first 03 years able to distribute books to the community in the southern province.
  • After 03 years, in 2003 a new factory was started with new machinery with a workforce of 50 members at Dumindu family, and distribution stated with 05 vehicles.
  • After 08 years of the business, in 2008 the 2nd factory was started by increasing the workforce to 175.
  • Dumindu was grown and grass-rooted to Srilankan people hearts at this moment as a quality product, competitive prices with 100% local company which the ownership in 100% Sinhalese.
  • We are working towards to grow in Srilankan market by offering great quality products with affordable, highly competitive prices, to Sri Lankans.